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Nellie McClung Program Overview

Programming for Grade 9 in 2019-2020.  

Grade 7 and 8 programming available at Oliver School.  

The Nellie McClung program at Edmonton Public Schools has been educating and empowering young women in junior high schools since 1995. We're about more than academic excellence - we believe that Nellie McClung students must discover their individual paths to becoming successful, healthy and contributing members of society. Our program encourages student success by focusing on academic excellence; independence and initiative; and leadership and teamwork.


Students in our Nellie McClung program focus on the following themes throughout the year to support their personal growth and success in academics and beyond:

  • Building Positive Relationships (eg. communication skills, cooperation, online social etiquette, character education, digital citizenship, diversity and tolerance, global awareness and empathy, manners, responsibility for one’s actions, etc.)
  • Engaging in Healthy, Active Living (eg. physical activity, mental wellness, handling stress, time management, positive self-concept, balance, etc.)
  • Making a Difference (eg. volunteerism, community service, advocacy, global awareness of issues affecting women, school leadership and citizenship, human impact on the environment, empathy for disenfranchised groups, etc.)
  • Looking Towards the Future (eg. short term and long term goal setting, role of technology, career aspirations, personal impact, high school transitioning, etc.)
  • Discovering Hidden Talents (eg. showcasing personal interests and talents, self-confidence, inspirational role models, risk taking, artistic endeavors, individual strengths, etc.)


Academic achievement for the girls at Nellie McClung is our highest priority. We encourage every student in our program to be the very best she can be.


  • Emphasis on the core curriculum - Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
  • Curriculum extension and enrichment days
  • French as a Second Language
  • Integration of Women Studies
  • Focus on leadership and citizenship
  • Integration of new technologies into the curriculum (interactive Smartboards in classrooms, Chromebooks, Ipads, Google Apps)
  • Student-led initiatives
  • Achievement Pep Rallies
  • Curriculum Extension Days in January with Oliver School 
  • Grade 9 Science Extension to Bamfield Marine Science Centre

For more information about the Nellie L. McClung Program, please visit: